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Our Story

The past ten years have been a journey. When Wynne Thomas, Michael Hentschel and I started share ONE love in 2013, we had no idea that it would lead us to where we are today. We haven't by any means been perfect, but we have learned a lot along the way. From having opportunities abroad in Sri Lanka and Nicaragua, to working with young people in many different contexts in our home state of South Carolina, one thing that has always been clear is that investing in the younger generation matters. In 2017, we made a conscious decision to focus our work on young people in South Carolina directing our efforts to the juvenile justice sector. In the recent years we have been able to run sport-based programs with justice-involved youth both inside and out of secure facilities.


The idea for share ONE love from the start was to change the world through sport. In ten years that hasn't really changed - it just goes a little bit deeper. Sport has this incredible power to transcend barriers and build bridges of connection. No matter the setting, sport provides an incredible opportunity for us to learn valuable life skills and gives us a place to learn about growth, defeat and victory. More importantly than all of that is that sport has the capacity to help us heal.


This is the direction we are heading - to use sport as an avenue to promote healing. To use sport as our platform to help young people find restoration. To make sure we are playing our role in coming alongside the younger generation. This is only the beginning.

-Jordan Thomas, Director

Building pathways of restoration that promote connection, healing & growth

Who We Are

Vision - A world where youth belong

Mission - Buidling pathways of restoration for the younger generation by transforming programs and systems through a biological and neurological lens.


See the Human

Recognizing that we have all experienced different life stories that have formed and shaped how we are and how we respond.


Posture of Grace

Creating a baseline approach that offers forgiveness, listening and patience.


Connection Over Comfort

Being intentional with our words and actions -biologically, neurologically, and psychologically


Actions Over Words

Actions tell the story and words seem to muddy it all up. We are committed to taking action .

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